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The President's Home

The President's Home is the second presidential home building on campus. The first, built in 1893, was destroyed by fire on Jan. 26, 1963. The home serves as the presidential residence with facilities for official duties and functions.

Residents of the current President's Home have been Earl and Margaret Rudder, 1965-1970; Jack and Margaret Williams, 1970-77; Jarvis and Alma Miller, 1977-80; Frank and Renee Vandiver, 1980-88; Bill and Jayne Mobley, 1988-93; Ray and Sally Bowen, 1994-2002; Bob and Becky Gates, 2002-2006; Elsa and Peter Murano, 2008-09; and Bowen and Karin Loftin, 2009-2014.

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